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JKM Services, LLC provides the best service guaranteed!

JKM Services, LLC is a service oriented company built on the ideals of professionalism, team work and attention to detail.  At JKM Services, LLC, your needs come first.  We strive to surpass all of your expectations.  Quick, dependable, efficient and reliable are just some of the words used to describe our reputation.

Our mission is to provide you, the customer, with a cost effective solution to potentially costly problems. We are adamant about providing a safe and secure environment for you and your family. We at JKM Services, LLC truly believe in our saying “A Clean Environment for Healthier Living”.

Our services include the following:
     *Mold Remediation
     *Asbestos Abatement
     *Water Mitigation
     *Graffiti Removal
     *Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Mitigation
     *Interior Demolition

Our mold remediation service includes a FREE visual assessment, a 5 year guarantee, a 6 month post visual assessment and a 48 hour turnaround on the quote.  A JKM Service representative will thoroughly investigate and identify the issues that are potentially creating the mold problems.  Then we will give practical solutions to the problems. This will be followed by a comprehensive, detailed remediation plan.  After the work is completed, a Certificate of Completion will be given to the customer which will include a five year guarantee.  After six months, a JKM Service, LLC representative will conduct a complimentary visual assessment of the remediated area(s) for quality assurance.  **Note: JKM Services, LLC strictly follows the remediation guidelines found in the IICRC 520s documentation, the EPA Guidelines for Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings and the NY Mold Remediation Guidelines. 

JKM Services, LLC specializes in residential and small project abatement.  For our heating and cooling professionals we offer a FREE PRICING GUIDE for all of our residential work.  For boilers and furnaces that have asbestos containing material on piping, duct work and on the units themselves, JKM Services, LLC has the experience and knowledge to remove not only the asbestos insulation but we will remove the heating unit itself.  This will help facilitate a timely installation of the new unit.  For small commercial and other types of asbestos applications to be removed, a JKM Services, LLC representative will come out to estimate your project.  JKM Services, LLC representative will send the estimate to the building owner no later than 48 hours after the visual assessment.  Furthermore, we support our local ACCA and other organizations that promote integrity and professionalism in the work place.  All of these are just some of the ways that JKM Services, LLC is striving to surpass your expectations. 

Water Mitigation
Our water mitigation program is base on a timely response to a problem.  Pipes fail and drainage systems can back up.  JKM Services, LLC has the proper tools and knowledge to take charge of the problem and regain control over your house or building.  We will clean and sanitize the area with EPA approved detergents in order to prevent microbial growth.  Our emergency response crew  will show up to your door ready to work.  Timing is essential when dealing with a water problem. You have approximately 48 hours before mold starts to form.  Emergency response is key in insuring that a water mitigation problem doesn't turn into a mold remediation project as well.  Leave the environmental issues to environmental experts who care about you and your property. 

Graffiti Removal
Graffiti is an ongoing and ever increasing problem for businesses.  Taggers and other forms of graffiti can not only decrease the value of your property but it can tarnish your professional image.  JKM Services, LLC. utilizes soda, corn cob and other non-abrasive methods in order to safely take off the images without damaging the original surface.  The process is quick and cost effective.  The results are amazing.

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is essential but often overlooked when health issues arise.  Bacteria, dust mites, pollen and other indoor airborne contaminates are everywhere in an indoor environment.  The collective amount of airborne contaminants can adversely effect your health.  Simple corrections and a proactive approach will help create a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.  Filtration devices, EPA approved detergents and UV lighting are just some of the ways we can help reduce airborne contaminants to a relative and safe level for your family.  Pre and post inspections by qualified 3rd party Industrial Hygienists or Certified Industrial Hygienists can be arrange by the JKM Services, LLC. representative for quality assurance. 

Interior Demolition
To help facilitate the needs of our construction customers, JKM Services, LLC. technicians have the tools, experience and knowledge to safely remove building material.  Furthermore, we will build dust containment's utilizing negative air filtration and temporary barriers for high traffic, high profile remodeling work.  We can demolish a variety of mechanical systems as well utilizing the latest technology and methods.